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What & Why

Put together by passionate locals who scour the city for authentic and excellent experiences, the guides recognise that travellers want the tools to start exploring a destination quickly and with confidence. They also want to get a sense of what makes a place special and how its inhabitants enjoy it.

Many guides aim to be as comprehensive as possible; ours go the opposite way. We spend a lot of time curating our selection so only the best venues remain. While travel information has never been more abundant, sorting and assessing it takes considerable effort.

Deck of Secrets guides enable you to hone in on what’s relevant to who and where you are.

The Back Story

In a previous life, creator Michelle Matthews spent a lot of time stopped-over in strange cities wondering where the real attractions were. She figured that, like her, plenty of people just wanted to skip to the good stuff – cool bars, interesting shops, amazing restaurants. She was right. Launched in 2003, the decks were met with instant enthusiasm and helped reinvigorate the travel genre. Now also in digital form, the guides continue to deliver useful, engaging content in innovative formats.

Sharing Secrets

People love to give Deck of Secrets guides as much as receive them. It’s a great way to share your favourite places with your favourite people. The stylish design and fresh content also make you look good for very little coin. It’s a win-win.

People with Secrets

"Spike Jonze was out until the wee hours on his last night in Melbourne guided solely by information contained in Bar Secrets!"

- Emily Westmore (Film Victoria)