Our Team

Jerrold Poh

Brought up in New Zealand, Jerrold Poh is a Melbourne based software developer who builds handcrafted iOS and Android apps at Blue Cottage Software. He’s also the cofounder of UpShot, a mobile app which combines his two biggest loves – technology and coffee. JerroldPoh_app


Rod Brandenburg

Rod has a passion for travel and good gastronomical experiences in all shapes and forms that has seen him travel and live around most parts of the world.  Now based jointly in Kuala Lumpur and Phuket Rod has lived and worked in the UK, North America, Asia (including the Cocos Islands) and Australia where his origins lie (which part is often debated).  Rod has a background in Finance and Law having been CFO of several listed ASX companies in the Travel, Property and Automotive verticals before joining Michelle at Deck of Secrets as an Executive Director. Rod Brandenburg