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Michelle Matthews created the Deck of Secrets concept in 2003, a series that has since been successfully rolled out on an international scale.

Michelle eats, drinks and shops her way round the globe uncovering an array of fantastic venues so you, the consumer, does not have to. She and her team are responsible for seeking out the best venues in a destination, managing the publishing and production of the cards and liaising with distributors.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Michelle Matthews is a former Ansett flight attendant who used the collapse of Australia’s second-biggest airline as a catalyst for success.

Looking for a way to make a living combining shopping and travelling, Michelle set up her own publishing company, Shopping Secrets Pty Ltd, in 1998, producing shopping guides for Sydney and Melbourne, launching a new magazine in 2002 called A7 following the collapse of Ansett and now the Deck of Secrets series.

In 2001 Michelle worked as a freelance writer, until the City of Melbourne asked her to submit a proposal for a guide to the city’s hard-to-find bars in 2003. Michelle took the design style of her shopping guides, knowledge of Melbourne and love of playing cards to create the Deck of Secrets concept.

Bar Secrets Melbourne – city was the first title released in October 2003. In 2004 Bar Secrets was followed up with shopping and dining secrets. The series now includes titles for destinations across the world including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Dublin, Barcelona and Ibiza.


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