Deck of Secrets offers iPhone and Windows 7 Apps

We have recently added a Windows 7 Phone App to our digital deck of secrets… check out both iPhone and Windows 7 below:


iPhone App

$4.99 for a guided tour

Our series of apps started in 2008 and translate our decks into the palm of your hand.

Equipped with mapping and communication tools, the apps are a must have for travellers and locals.

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Windows 7 Phone Apps

$4.99 each or a free trial

Our Windows Phone 7 apps are an extension of our physical guides and for travellers they are perfect. Want to find the best restaurants in Sydney? Easy the maps incorporated in the app show where you are and which restaurants are nearby and then make a real time reservation from the app.

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Useful and informative!

The bar reviews are short and sweet and very helpful. The killer feature is the GPS and mapping integration to help you find AND locate the nearest watering hole. This sort of location guide lends itself so perfectly to the iPhone and the fusion of the two is really well executed. I can see it expanding to many other areas. 
I look forward to using this on my next boozy night out with indecisive friends. 

My hope is that the developers continue to update the app with new content on a regular basis and don’t neglect their paying users!

Fantastic app

Links in with the phones GPS and Maps app to direct you between bars. Also has a nearby function which highlights bars nearby. Grab it now at the bargain price of $5.

Good start!

I downloaded this app in a drunken frenzy one night while sitting in a terrible bar in Melbourne (it wasn’t listed in the app) and it’s turned out to be super awesome. 

It’s great for finding sweet bars that you would never usually find but a couple of technical tweeks could make it perfect. For example it only lets you view the bars in crude nearby or featured lists. It would be great if it had a map view, suburb lists or categories to organise the overwhelming choice of bars.