Frequent Questions

OK, here we go….

Do venues pay to go in the guide?

No. (We’d all have much better cars if they did)

How are venues selected?

After an exhaustive research phase (i.e. lots of drinking, eating and exploring) we convene tribal council style to put forward our favourite places. We then invite the selected venues to submit an image and logo to illustrate their business and help you find it.

What kind of places do you choose?

The ones we feel best represent what drinking, eating and exploring in each city is all about. Places that clued-up locals love and savvy visitors thrill to stumble upon. Selected venues are also distinctive: be it in how they look, what they do, or the way they go about it.

How often do you update the guides?

As often as we can, sometimes two or three times a year. The base of the pack will tell you which edition you have.

But I went to a place in your latest guide and it wasn’t there.

Okay, that’s more of a statement but we feel your pain. The hospitality business is pretty relentless and places continually open and close between print runs.

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Can I have your job?

Congratulations for asking the most frequently asked question.